Your Questions Answered

Q. If my child has never played an instrument before, can they still join?
A. Yes. Most of our students come to us as complete beginners. As long as we’re happy they can function on an instrument and we’re able to help them progress, we’re happy to enrol them. In the case of drummers however, students would need to be able to play a simple Rock beat at least and be able to keep time sufficient enough for others to play along with them.

Q. My child want to play drums, but has never played before. Can they join?
A. Most children want to play drums. Our criteria for taking drummers is that they need to be able to play a simple Rock beat at least and be able to keep time sufficient enough for other instrumentalists to play along with them.

Q. Will my child be able to take instrumental music grades?
A. Unfortunately not. Instrument grades are typically individual assessments. Our project is a group project and there isn’t a syllabus currently available that allows students to play as part of a group, but that recognises individuals performance merits.

Q. Can my child play more than one instrument?
A. Yes, although every students joins with the aim of focusing on one instrument. Once they are involved in our weekly sessions and should they want to try other instruments, they will always be given the opportunity to do so.

Q. My child sings, but only sing Pop music. Does that matter?
A. Not at all. Our students play all types of music and are encouraged to play songs from all genres.

Q. Do students need to be able to read music?
A. No. Our project is all about practical musicianship and playing musical parts that suit a song. The majority of our students either don’t, or prefer not to read music. That said, when we do come across more experienced musicians, we’re happy to use notation if they want to. Our preference is to encourage our young musicians to learn music/songs, develop musical skill and focus on how they perform.
Q. My child recently attended a taster session and I’d love them join straight away, Is that okay?
A. Yes, however, for those students who are unsure of enrolling immediately, we offer a trial period where they attend a block of 5 sessions. This gives them the chance to see if they really enjoy the sessions and likewise, gives parents/guardians the opportunity to assess the teaching and learning that takes place in sessions.

Q. How often do students perform?
A. It’s typical that every 2, or 3 weeks there will be a performance at the end of the weekly session. This gives students to show off their good work and allows parents/guardians the opportunity to gauge their progress.

Q. Do students perform outside of the weekly sessions?
A. Where possible, we try to arrange 2 external performances each year. These usually fall in February and July. There are costs involved in putting performances on, so there is usually a ticket charge. Any proceeds are donated to a local charity.

Q. Why do I need to pay a refundable deposit on enrolment?
A. At some point every student moves on. It takes at least 6 weeks to find a suitable replacement. We ask therefore, that you give us half a term’s notice prior to leaving. This allows us time to find a suitable replacement and reduces the chance that the experience of the remaining students will not be affected in any way. The deposit is merely and incentive to offer us notice.

Q. We have a lot of after-school commitments, but would love to join School of Rock & Pop. Can we attend sessions that suit our availability rather than coming every week?
A. Unfortunately, our sessions aren't drop-in sessions. We structure our work to suit the band make up and if your child doesn't attend consistently it impacts on the progress of the other student band members.

Q. How doe the Direct Debit system of payment work?
A. We’ve developed a system whereby parents are able to spread the cost of a 3 month term across 4 monthly payments. Signing up to our direct debit payment plan means you can take advantage of reduced costs.

Q. What if I prefer not to join the Direct Debit payment scheme.
A. If you don’t feel able to participate in our regular payment scheme, payment for the term is made in advance, or you can set up a regularly monthly payment of your own.