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Guitar Lessons in Solihull

Guitar lessons to motivate your child to practice and improve


In all our guitar lessons in Solihull, your child will work towards targets including instrumental technique and general musicianship. We encourage parents to discuss the targets with tutors before, or after sessions.

The criteria are designed to add structure to and support our student’s musical development. They can help identify general areas for improvement in instrumental skill and highlight specific issues raised by the demands of a particular song.

Where a very specific technique is not contained, but with which a student would like to receive support, we encourage discussion with a student’s band tutor.


    1. Play in drop D and some power chords.
      Follow basic position numbers.
      Carry out basic amplifier set up.
      Have basic strumming control.
      Generally be able to play in time within a bar.


    1. Tune guitar with a tuner.
      Control up & down strokes.
      Name notes/ chords and not just positions.
      Play simple riffs without fret buzz.
      Keep time within a section.
      Play some open chords.
      Play and use blues scales.
      Can set up desired sound with level & eq.


    1. Set up a range of digital effects.
      Control up & down strokes on different strings.
      Tune guitar by ear.
      Play a range of major, minor, 7th, barred, & open chords.
      Play major, minor and blues scales.
      Have a good understanding of fingering & voicing.


  1. Move smoothly between desired sounds/ effects.
    Perform fluently with agility and flexibility.
    Have a wide vocabulary of chords, patterns, positions & scales.
    Have a sophisticated understanding of fingering & voicing.


When learning to play the guitar in Solihull the School Of Rock And Pop uniquely offers the opportunity to develop the discipline of working with other musicians.

Once learned, the skills of being able to make music with others can last a lifetime.

These skills fit broadly into the following categories:

  • Be ready to work quickly.
  • Retain song information such as structure and arrangement.
  • Move between sections accurately.
  • Refocus & re-enter after an error.
  • Move between sections smoothly.
  • Be able to give and recieve constructive criticism.
  • Understand & demonstrate degrees of leadership.
  • Play with a variety of appropriate dynamics and texture.
  • Recognise & perform frequently used musical patterns.

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