It's not just about Music

Playing in a group develops essential life skills such as cooperation, negotiation and compromise, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.
We want our students to develop the confidence to become well rounded musicians and well rounded human beings.

"Ceira was extremely shy and took her time to make new friends. After only 2 sessions she's already standing up in front of a band and singing and we brought her along to pay drums! She's got so much more confidence, which is lovely to see"

"Danny enjoys School of Rock & Pop so much. He's made lots of new friends, never stops playing his guitar and has even chosen GCSE music as one of his options"

What we can offer your child

The School of Rock & Pop provides a safe, enjoyable and engaging environment, where young musicians can develop their potential as solo artistes and valued, productive group members.


We work with musicians and singers from 10 to 18 years of age, in different ability ranges. To ensure the quality of our work we limit enrolment to four bands per class.

"My son attends the School of Rock & Pop. Phil the teacher has taught the whole band so much and succeeded in bonding them together as a real band. He's been brilliant. To see my son on stage enjoying every minute and performing means the world to me, and Phil has got him to where he is."

James Morgan

It's not a Youth Club!

Whilst it’s undeniably fun, children work in small groups with a dedicated tutor.
In each lesson they will learn a popular Rock, or Pop song, with the focus being on their instrumental parts.
Every musician is taught a part that matches their ability, but we’re always gently pushing so that students can play to the very best of their potential.


Classes are £23.50 per week for a 2½ hour session (roughly what you would expect to pay for a 1 hour instrumental lesson)